Maximizing Trial Conversion for Desktop Software


Marco Pimentel

Marco Pimentel
Redbrick and Deskmetrics

Shannon MacLeod

Shannon MacLeod
Conversion Optimization Consultant


Trials are the single most effective customer acquisition channel for desktop software. Software developers and marketers are constantly looking for ways to measure - and to increase - their trial conversion rates.

Shannon MacLeod and Marco Pimentel, two digital marketers that focus on desktop software, share best practices and case studies for tracking and maximizing trial conversion rates.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The 3 most important KPIs in the trial conversion funnel
  • How to measure your trial conversion rate (without combining three different data sets in Excel)
  • How to increase the number of trial downloads
  • Best practices for presenting offers to trial users
  • How to create a better experience for your customers
  • How Shift utilized Deskmetrics for its Product Hunt launch

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