Optimizing the Purchase Funnel for Software Subscriptions

The Value of A/B Testing


Webinar Duration: 64 minutes
Joel Harvey

Joel Harvey
Managing Partner
Conversion Sciences

Conversion Sciences
Shannon MacLeod

Shannon MacLeod
Conversion Optimization Strategist


Do you need some new ideas for your optimization program? Or do you need to convince your manager you should invest in conversion rate optimization? Regardless of where you're at in the journey, this webinar on optimizing the purchase funnel for software subscriptions sales will provide some insights you can apply to your own business.

Join Shannon MacLeod and Joel Harvey, two optimization strategists as they share best practices and case studies for split-testing throughout the entire purchase funnel. They'll show tests they've run on landing pages, home pages, product pages, free trial channels, and shopping cart pages to maximize revenue for iolo, a software company focused on PC optimization and security. Working with iolo for the past 2 years, they have generated a 3.5x return on investment in their conversion rate optimization program.

Join us to learn:

  • The most important KPIs to optimize in your purchase funnel
  • How to maximize your revenue with price-point testing
  • Best practices for communicating your product's value on landing pages
  • How to increase your trial conversion rate by removing steps in your funnel
  • How social proof and risk reversal can increase your cart conversion rate
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Optimizing the Entire Purchase Funnel
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