How to Efficiently Scale Your Affiliate Program


Webinar Duration: 30 minutes
Cristian Miculi

Cristian Miculi
Senior Manager,


Is your company at the point where sales from your affiliate program are flat ? Are you simply not satisfied with the growth rate? Or are you just starting the affiliate program and are wondering how to scale?

If you can identify with one of the above, watch our webinar and hear Cristian Miculi, 2Checkout's Senior Manager of Affiliate Services speak about how to efficiently scale your program and build it in such a manner so it'll be easy for you to add new opportunities on top of that.

Watch this webinar and you will find out:

  • When to expand your program
  • What to look at when choosing an in-house platform / 3rd party network to grow
  • What are recommended ways to grow depending on your affiliate revenue
  • How others did this successfully

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