Why Customer Retention is the Biggest Business Lever You're Ignoring

Webinar Duration: 60 minutes
Bryan Gudmundson

Sam Mallikarjunan
Executive Strategist


Customer acquisition gets a lot of attention, but customer retention can be the key to building your business. Not only does keeping customers on board boost your bottom line, it can actually bring in more customers as well. Whether it's upselling to existing customers or getting new customers through word of mouth, customer retention makes a big difference.

When the sales funnel ends, your opportunity to really engage with a customer is just beginning. Unfortunately, too many companies don't have a solid plan for retaining customers after an initial sale. The good news is, customer retention is not magic: it just takes time and dedication.

In this webinar with HubSpot executive strategist Sam Mallikarjunan, you'll discover the hidden secret behind successful customer acquisition: retention. Get acquainted with how customer success improves acquisition, discover techniques for optimizing customer retention and much more.

Watch this webinar and you will find out:

  • The basic economics behind leveraging customer success to power advanced customer acquisition
  • How to optimize your customer retention to maximize customer acquisition and power growth
  • Specific examples of customer retention methodologies in action
  • How world-class brands have used customer retention to drive acquisition

Don't miss your chance to pull a new business lever and grow revenue for your software or SaaS business.

Who should watch: Software and SaaS companies, online services providers

Roles: Marketing, Demand Generation, eCommerce, Sales, Retention

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