Introducing Matrix Commerce

How to Design for Buyer-Centricity in a Business-to-Individual (B2I) World


Amid the proliferation of new technologies, business models and economic conditions, a new buyer-centric world has emerged. Consumerization of technologies, manifested in trends such as social networking, mobility, cloud services and Big Data, has raised the expectations of buyers as to the art of the possible. The result - a growing digital divide has emerged between organizations that adopt disruptive technologies and those who fail in creating business transformation.

Matrix commerce describes the processes, technologies and business models emerging at the intersection of omni-channel distribution, payment technologies, demand signals, supply chains, frictionless enablers and Big Data to deliver on a buyer's expectations. Matrix commerce addresses the emerging complexity of meeting perfect orders in a buyer-centric world. Internal organizational silos of yesteryear must be broken down and re-integrated in order to deliver a seamless buyer experience.

Constellation recommends 10 strategies for sellers to align themselves for buyer-centricity while meeting revenue goals and offsetting margin pressures. The first strategy starts with active listening. The last strategy warns organizations to stay vigilant in managing complexity.

Constellation formalizes the concept of Matrix Commerce in this Big Idea report. The paper aims to inform decision makers about the basic concepts, the trends to expect in 2013 and beyond, and how to prepare for the impact of matrix commerce.

About Constellation Research

Constellation Research

Constellation Research explores the technologies and business models that not only disrupt established players, but also create transformational innovation. They share their research insights with business leaders seeking more than just a rubber stamped approval or rear mirror confirmation by traditional legacy analyst firms.

Every piece of research begins by understanding how to deliver business value, applying real world experience and insights, and incorporating disruptive technologies and innovative business models as appropriate. Their mission is to identify, validate, and share these insights with their clients.

As a result, their research community includes board of directors, c-suite executives, line of business leaders, and IT visionaries who are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Most of their clients share a common trait - the passion for learning, innovating, and delivering impactful results.

For more information go to http://www.constellationrg.com

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