9 Tips on How to

Help your Reseller-Based Software Business Moove!


Are you pal of a distribution chain? Do you want to keep your options open and build your partner relationships on a healthy infrastructure? If the answer is aFirmative in both cases, you should think about a pa1ner relationship management solution fit for your software business

This whitepaper addresses some widespread issues and describes a few basic steps for you to follow, which will lead to maximizing your revenues and increase the productivity in the software distribution channel

General Vendor Issues

When reaching a certain number of resellers (over 50 for a typical SMB), you, as a software vendor, may be experiencing some issues regarding the management of the relationships with the partners. This can be seen especially at the infrastructure and communication levels. Thus, you may be employing manual spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) and/or generic database applications, like Microsoft Access, to get your work done. Also, some of you could be using a custom part of your CRM application in order to manage the software distribution channel

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