Why the Reseller Model is the Right Choice When Selling Digital Goods Internationally

Afroz Alam

Guest: Afroz Alam
Assistant Vice President,
Stellar Information Technology

Stellar Information Technology
Tihomir Yordanov

Guest: Tihomir Yordanov
Digital Marketing Manager,

Nataliya Shadykulova

Host: Nataliya Shadykulova
Head of Digital Sales, EMEA and APAC,
2Checkout (now Verifone)


Selling software or any digital goods online is getting more complicated, especially when you're looking to expand internationally.
Electronic files and access codes have no problem crossing borders, but what about localization, taxation, and compliance issues? As a company selling online, you want to focus on your customers and products, instead of allocating resources to international regulation and compliance.

Join this 2Checkout (now Verifone) webinar hosted by Nataliya Shadykulova, Head of Digital Sales for EMEA and APAC at Verifone, to learn about:

  • The main challenges companies face when selling internationally;
  • Differences between a reseller and a payment service provider model;
  • What activities you can easily outsource to your digital commerce provider by selecting the reseller model, so you can go to market quickly while focusing on growth and optimization.

Our special guests Afroz Alam, Assistant Vice President at Stellar Information Technology, and Tihomir Yordanov, Digital Marketing Manager at VS REVO Group, will share first-hand experiences from working with the reseller model and successfully selling software online in more than 50 countries.

Join the live session for the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from practitioners in the software industry.

Who should attend: Software and SaaS companies, subscription businesses, online service providers, any company selling digital goods at the global level.

Roles: eCommerce managers, executive owners, marketing and sales managers, product, finance and compliance managers.

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Why the Reseller Model is the Right Choice
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