August 18, 2010

Social Media Adventures in the New Customer World

Posted by Tyler Ransburgh

Pam Baker wrote an interesting article for E-Commerce Times about taking a realistic look at using social media as a company. Social Networks can be a useful tool for businesses to have conversations with their customers and convert these conversations into sales. Getting new sales, however, is not always the best way to use social media.

Companies using social media for customer service include Wells Fargo, Dell, Lenovo, General Motors, and Zappos,” Pam Abbazia, manager of SEO and social media programs for Digital Brand Expressions, told CRM Buyer. “Many report that they’ve been able to reduce the size of their call center operations and have increased sales as a result of their online customer service efforts.Social media should be approached as one way among many to engage the customer. No matter which method of engagement your company pursues, there are no shortcuts; there are only countless paths from which to choose.

As a business it is very important to be aware of how you or your representatives are using social media.

Organizations should be aware that while engaging in social media may leverage their customer service, poor customer service can now be more harmful than ever, as customers can take their grievance global and change public perception of a brand with a click of the mouse.Customer care via social media is a viral movement — both positive and negative,

Social Media Adventures in the New Customer World