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Grow Indirect Revenue with Affiliate Marketing and Channel Sales

Get in front of new customers worldwide via our niche affiliates from across the globe, and use our channel manager solution to multiply your global distribution network online. Reach out through the channels where your customers are buying.
Expand Marketing Power with 50,000 Affiliates
Expand Marketing Power with 50,000 Affiliates
Scale Quickly with Our Distributor & Reseller Platform
Scale Quickly with Our Distributor and Reseller Platform

The Avangate Affiliate Network - Why Pick Us

Whether it's tech content publishers, deals aggregators, paid search, or other online services affiliates, your products and services will benefit from a wider visibility using this global channel as well as targeted reach to specific markets. Better visibility also has a real impact on the bottom line: Affiliates in our network increase sales by 25% on average.
Easy to Set Up and Start Selling
Easy to set up and
start selling
Get everything up and running within
minutes - affiliates included!
We are the number 1 network for digital goods worldwide, for 5 years in a row!

We are the number one network for digital goods worldwide, for 4 years in a row!

Performance Marketing-Oriented Platform
marketing-oriented platform
See results with
performance-based incentives.
Integrations with Any eCommerce Platform
Integrations with any
eCommerce platform
Get rid of the day-to-day operational hassles - tracking, payments, and reporting.
Great Communication Tools
communication tools
Communicate easily
with Affiliates.
See How Your Program is Performing
See how your program
is performing
Delve deeply into the health of your
affiliate program with real-time reports.
Accelerate Affiliate Sales
affiliate sales
Professional affiliate program
management available!




Software Products

# 1 CPS

for Digital Goods



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Scale Quickly with Our Distributor and Reseller Platform

Our Channel Management solution helps you turn distribution channels into revenue engines. The platform combines bulk ordering, license fulfilment and activation, and billing and global payments into one powerful partner order and revenue management solution. With its rich feature set and built-in automation and optimization, the 2Checkout solution makes it easy to multiply your global distribution channels online.
Simplify partner engagement
Straight-forward partner setup, integration, and communication system.
Respond faster to partner orders and requests using fewer resources
Automated listings and partnership requests.
Focus on your brand
Match the look and feel of your website with a customizable and localized Partner Control Panel.
Enable partner attribution for recurring revenue
Keep partners happy, with commissions even for renewed subscriptions.
Customize each partner relationship
Set credit limits, partner types, margins, and more.
Monitor and optimize partner performance
Powerful reporting and analytics


Countries Coverage

9 Languages

Reseller Admin Interface

Credit Limits

for Partners


Real-time Order Fulfilment

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