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Senior Systems Administrator

Atlanta, Georgia - USA / Columbus, Ohio - USA

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Shares responsibility for all systems, storage, and networking technologies. Automates routine tasks using programming and scripting languages, while continually seeking areas for improving the satisfaction of departmental and company goals. Aware of common practices, system monitoring, high availability, disaster recovery techniques, and all levels of systems administration skills. Comfortable in a heterogeneous environment. May make presentations to company or peers.

Writes documentation and serves as technical mentor for Systems Technicians, Administrators, and peers. Shares their responsibilities as needed.

  • Participating in rotating 24/7 on-call schedule for production issues and performing daily security checklist.
  • Administrating the primary production public facing technology infrastructure.
  • Administrating infrastructure applications and hardware including configuration and documentation.
  • Performing security investigations.
  • Maintaining operating system standards, security updates, tuning, upgrades, and patches to CIS Benchmark and PCI DSS standards.
  • Monitoring system and application performance, generating reports, and seeking methods of improvement and automation.
  • Implementing the controls required to maintain PCI DSS compliance.
  • Refining and updating filtering rules in the security tools to accommodate infrastructure changes.
  • Deploying web applications to the production server environment.
  • Working with development team to stage database alteration and updates through production.
  • Involved with the evaluation, specification, purchase justification, and the final purchasing of technologies.
  • Evaluating service providers for PCI validation.
  • Responding to internal and external Security & Compliance audit requests.
  • Performing quarterly internal and external vulnerability scans and participating in risk ranking and remediation of findings.
  • Reviewing annual penetration test results and participating in risk ranking and remediation of findings.
  • Maintaining various security related tools, including LinOTP, FreeRadius, AIDE, and Snort, Palo Alto, Shorewall and StrongAuth.
  • Maintaining SSL certificates and PKI infrastructure.
  • Maintaining various infrastructure applications, including Cacti, Nagios, Icinga, and HAProxy.
  • Maintaining various network technologies, including BGP, WAN, LAN, IOS, Arista.
  • Configuring and maintaining MySQL technologies such as Master/Slave and Multi-Master replication.
  • Maintaining and testing MySQL database backups.
  • Managing access and permissions for MySQL.
  • Performing manual database updates to fix operational issues.
  • A degree or certificate in computer science or related field, or at least four years of system administration experience.
  • Proficiency of all or a substantial subset of technologies including Linux, Apache httpd, Apache Tomcat, NginX, Phusion Passenger, SMTP, TCP/IP, DNS, Nagios, Cacti, Snort, Nessus, RRDTool, Perl, Bash, KVM, Apache, MySQL, mod_perl, PHP, Ruby, QMAIL, SQUID, Shorewall, BGP, LVS, keepalived, Palo Alto and Cisco is required.
  • Familiarity with Active Directory, Group Policy, CIFS, SMS, SCCM, Windows Server, Exchange, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics and Windows XP/7/8/10 is favorable.