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How do I get an account at 2Checkout?
Submit your application to be a 2Checkout merchant on our website. It will only take a few minutes!
How do I manage my users?
You can use your Control Panel to manage your users by creating new roles and users that can access your account.
Can I use two-factor authentication?
Yes, you can use two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to the login process.
What happens if I forget my password?
Use the forget password functionality if you no longer remember the password to your account.


What do I need to do to start selling?
Just three things: add a product, generate a buy link and activate your account. Learn more about activating your account.
Which countries are supported by 2Checkout?
Click here to see the list of countries currently supported by 2Checkout.
What products can I sell through 2Checkout?
Click here to see the list of products currently restricted by 2Checkout.
Do you provide iFrame ordering?
Yes. You can use Inline Checkout to receive payments from your customers via a secure payment overlay on your website.
Can I sell physical products via 2Checkout?
Depending on your agreement with 2Checkout, you can define and sell tangible products, while controlling the shipping methods available in cart.
What payment methods are available to my customers?
Depending on your agreement with 2Checkout, your customers benefit from a variety of payment options, including local methods such as: Boleto Bancario, Konbini, iDEAL or WeChat Pay.
How do refunds work?
Your customers can ask for refunds from their 2CO myAccount or by sending a request to our Shopper Support team. Alternately, you can process refunds directly from your Control Panel or via API. There are no fees associated with refunds.
Does 2Checkout support promotions and discounts?
2Checkout provides extended promotional capabilities, allowing you to create flexible discounts and send strong buying incentives to your customers.
Does 2Checkout provide a customer portal?
Indeed, we do! 2CO myAccount is a self-service portal designed to help your customers manage their order, product and payment information.
How can I sell locally via 2Checkout?
Your localization strategy is supported by 2Checkout with tools such as checkout experience, customer emails and a customer portal translated into 30+ languages. Using local payment methods can significantly boost your conversion rates in new markets.
What currencies can I use when selling online?
You can display the order price to your customers in over 100 currencies.
What do my customers see on their bank statement?
Payments made via 2Checkout will show up on the customer’s statement as 2co.com*MerchantName, where “MerchantName” is your Commercial Name at 2Checkout. You are able to update the current account statement from Account settings.


Does 2Checkout support recurring billing?
Yes, 2Checkout supports setup of recurring charges that your customers can renew manually or automatically.
Does 2Checkout support upgrades?
Yes, 2Checkout enables you to define flexible upgrade for your subscriptions, with multiple pricing scenarios.
How are customers notified of their renewals?
You have full control over when your customers are notified of their upcoming renewals.


How often do I get paid?
2Checkout offers a flexible payout schedule, based on your agreement with us. Contact us for additional information.
What payout methods does 2Checkout support?
2Checkout issues payouts by wire transfer, Payoneer and Paypal
How can I reconcile the amounts paid by 2Checkout?
You can reconcile the amounts received from 2Checkout with the products report available in the Accounting area of the Control Panel.
Do I need to invoice 2Checkout for my payments?
It's entirely up to you. 2Checkout does not require you to issue invoices for your sales, as we generate an invoice for your orders at the end of the payout cycle. You can, however, send any invoices you issue to our Financial Operations team, and we'll use them to reconcile the payment amounts on our end.


Can I place test orders on my account?
You can test the entire ordering experience from end to end using dummy credit card information.
Can I integrate third-party connectors with 2Checkout?
2Checkout provides an extended integration with Salesforce and other services, enabling secure data transfer between platforms.
How can I integrate with 2Checkout’s API?
To use 2Checkout’s API, you only need to authenticate using your Merchant Code and Secret Key.
How do Instant Notifications work?
2Checkout uses a service to post sets of parameters to any URL you specify. Each post represents a message containing all the information you need about a specific event (such as when a recurring order reauthorizes successfully).
Do you provide Google Analytics integration?
Yes. Integrate Google Analytics with your account to benefit from additional insights that can improve your business strategy.
Can I customize the emails 2Checkout sends to my customers?
You definitely can! With Email Editor, you have full control over the communication between 2Checkout and your customers.
Can I customize the checkout experience?
You certainly can! Use Cart Editor to customize the look and feel of the ordering experience.


What is VAT?
VAT or Value Added Tax is the world's most common form of consumption tax, in place in more than 160 countries.
Does 2Checkout handle taxation on my behalf?
Depending on your agreement, 2Checkout may collect taxes on your incoming purchases, and remit the amounts to the local tax authorities. Contact our Sales team for additional information.
In what countries do you apply taxes?
The full list of countries where 2Checkout applies taxes, together with the corresponding tax rates, can be found here.
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