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HP Leverages the 2Checkout Platform to Bring Software and Service-Related Products to Market in a Modern Way
RJ Holmberg, Senior Product Manager; Moneta eCommerce Billing Platform at HP
RJ Holmberg  Senior Product Manager Moneta eCommerce Billing Platform at HP
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"At HP, we’re very focused on one main goal, and that’s to make sure that we keep reinventing. HP is clearly well-known for hardware in the industry, but we’re also creating many software-related products, service-related products, and we want to make sure that we’re able to bring those products to market in a very modern way. 2Checkout has a platform that we leverage in a number of ways: subscription billing is an important part of a lot of the ways we’re offering our services these days and we’re able to quickly set up a product, set up the SKUs, and turn on the system so that people can buy and subscribe to these services and keep auto-renewing. Another big benefit that we see with 2Checkout is that HP is a global company, so we sell all over the world. In a lot of countries, we can rely on the relationship with 2Checkout to make sure things like taxation and other issues are taken care of in a proper way without us having to focus on that, and we can continue to focus on the products and the technology that we build. Things like 45 different payment methods that 2Checkout supports, the ability to make sure that all the transactions are taken care of from a local perspective, and at the end of the day HP can recognize those revenues in a very straightforward way. As we bring new technologies like software and services to market, we’re able to make sure that we can plug those in and not miss a beat and continue to test the market, try new products, and really, act like a start-up," 
RJ Holmberg, Senior Product Manager, HP

Seamless End-to-End Customer Experience
Caroline Tsay, Vice President, Web & E-Commerce, HP Software
Caroline Tsay  Former Vice President Web & E-Commerce, HP Software
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"We built a new brand and identity as well as an ecommerce channel and platform [saas.hpe.com] for multiple reasons: 

  • The first reason was to differentiate HP software, because HP is just not known for software;
  • More importantly, we were trying to go after a brand-new audience of folks that we haven’t marketed or sold to in the past; these are more of the mid-lever practitioners and management who are trying software online or purchasing software online as well as influencing decision in their organizations;
  • And then lastly, we‘ve been trying to improve efficiencies around sales and operations by making it easy to transact online, it’s a lot faster and simpler to do that.

We've been working with 2Checkout (formerly Avangate) for just over a year now and we’ve been enabling a number of different capabilities through 2Checkout to deliver an end-to-end customer experience that’s very seamless for customers and makes it easy for them to try, buy and use our software. A couple of the capabilities include being able to pay through multiple currencies worldwide; we’ve got 18 currencies enabled. We also have a PO and invoicing process that makes it so much simpler to figure out when we want to invoice on different types of terms.

Another example of a capability is all of the order management, invoicing, account management capabilities, being able to upgrade from a trial to a purchase in the same instance through creating an account on saas.hpe.com and our integrations with 2Checkout . So it’s not just about payments; 2Checkout has enabled us in so many different ways. It's important in the New Services Economy that we're not looking just at the product only but the experience all around that. Our sales teams are now engaged in the process and - knowing that these capabilities exist online - it's a lot easier for them to transact with customers but to also spend the time to go focus on other things as well.

To really bring innovation at HP and build a new brand and an identity and platform, we've had to make a number of different shifts in people processes and technologies. One key point that I want to mention here is that we've had to leverage not only what exists internally to the extent that we can, but externally in working with partners like 2Checkout so that we can go to market a lot quicker and with the flexibility that we need.

What's been so important in working with 2Checkout is the partnership, the support they provide, I can call them up at any point in time and we're working together on the requirements, any problems or needs that we have. That's really key for enabling the customer experience we expect and being able to service them and get them set up right away. That is what has been fantastic as far as our partnership is concerned, " Caroline Tsay, former Vice President, Web & E-Commerce, HP Software.

For more details about HP Software’s new platform, visit saas.hpe.com.

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