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40% Increase in Sales from Price Localization. 37% Increse in Affiliate Sales
Irina Sanaeva Lead Marketing Manager, AVS4YOU
Irina Sanaeva Lead Marketing Manager, AVS4YOU
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"When Avangate offered us to use its services only few vendors knew about this company. They made us such an irresistible proposal that we could not refuse. We have never regretted this decision since that time because their e-commerce platform excels competitors in flexibility, functionality and rates. The key features of the Avangate e-commerce platform are optimization tools, customization of shopping carts and MyAccount, rich reporting system and affiliate management.
Thanks to their unfalling urge towards enhancement, openness, readiness to discuss and innovate our businesses have established trustful and mutually beneficial relations"
Irina Sanaeva, Lead Marketing Manager at AVS4YOU.






Founded in 2004, Online Media Technologies develops AVS4You - award-winning, innovative video and audio software solutions for millions of end-users and professional developers worldwide.

Project: Increased Affiliate Sales by 15% with the Avangate Award Winning Network and Services

The Context & Objectives

Download full case study Download AVS4YOU Case Study
Case Study
Download full case study

The overall objective was to improve revenue from the affiliate channel. The company had been working with affiliates for many years, but felt a boost in their approach was needed.


The 2Checkout (formerly Avangate) team put into place a series of campaigns that had as goals to increase sales as well as recruit new affiliates. The campaigns were anchored around key events, such as Back to School campaigns or special Avangate contests (Heroes of Digital Marketing).

Key Results:

  • 18% increase in completed affiliate orders
  • 15% Volumes (affiliate generated)
  • 7% increase in number of affiliates
  • 33% boost of conversion rates (affiliate sales).

40% Increase in Sales from Price Localization

    Download full case study Download AVS4YOU Localization
    Case Study
Download full case study

This case study shows the importance of localization, optimization and testing for a successful ecommerce operation, as well as the positive impact on the bottom line that was achieved.

The AVS4You approach of gradual testing and optimization using pilot projects for different regions/ microsites/ currencies etc. is recommended, minimizing risk and improving efficiencies.
Beyond these technical aspects, it is essential to emphasize how important it is for the ecommerce provider to understand the client’s business and to provide solid expertise in ecommerce.
Through the voice of the dedicated account executive, Avangate know-how and suggestions made a real difference to AV4You ecommerce activity, level of customer service and ultimately the bottom line.


  • A/B testing against a competitive cart - Avangate performed better, with conversion rates 5% higher for Germany and 4% for France. 30% decrease in abandon rates.

  • Change of ordering flow & cart ownership - from 3 steps (Step 1 on AVS pages/ Steps 2, 3 on Avangate secure pages) to 1 step exclusively on Avangate secure pages.
    Results: 14% increase in sales volumes (pilot project: France).

  • Localized prices - exact match between the price displayed on the vendor's website and the price displayed in the Avangate cart (before tax).
    Results: 40% increase in sales volumes for France and 20% increase for Germany.

37% Increase in Affiliate Sales

    Download full case study Download AVS4YOU Affiliates
    Case Study
Download full case study

"During a six month program, Avangate increased the number of online sales generated by affiliates by 37% - a significant amount - as well as recruited more high-performing affiliates to promote the AVS4YOU brand," Olga Golubeva, Marketing Manager, AVS4YOU.


Part of its integrated commerce solution, Avangate provided Managed Affiliate Services (MAS), based on which the Avangate Affiliate Team created a comprehensive marketing and promotional campaign to raise AVS4YOU awareness among top Avangate niche affiliates.

  • 37% Increase in Affiliate Sales - aggressive recruitment of new affiliates together with the introduction of marketing campaigns led to an increase in affiliate orders and sales
  • 419 additional affiliates recruited to promote AVS4YOU products
  • 32% Increase in Affiliate Generated Traffic - the combination of the promotional campaigns and new high performing affiliates resulted in more inbound clicks and exposure for the AVS4YOU brand
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