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CanadaQBank - Test Preparation Service for Medical Licensing Exams

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"We have been using 2Checkout as our payment service provider for more than a year. 2Checkout allows our customers to pay with a variety of payment methods, including debit and credit cards, and PayPal. Because we sell our services in 175 countries, to both individuals as well as institutions, payment method flexibility is important. All in all, we have had a very positive experience with 2Checkout; the support team is helpful and prompt, and payouts are timely."
Asad Raza, Owner, CQB Education.



About CQB Education

CQB Education, Inc. is an online test preparation service for the medical licensing exams of Canada, but also in the USA, UK, Saudi Arabia and Australia. In addition, CQB Education offers iOS, Android and Windows applications which allow medical students and physicians to download the practice questions to their mobile phone and tablet and study anywhere. CQB offers subscriptions to individuals as well as institutions, including licensing authorities and colleges, medical schools and colleges, medical libraries, residency programs, teaching hospitals, associations, federations, societies, councils, and related medical organizations. The business was founded in 2008 and has served over 46,000 customers from 175 countries.

For more information, visit: www.CanadaQBank.com.



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Benefits and Results

  • Seamless online sales in 175 countries
  • Multiple payment methods - debit and credit cards, PayPal
  • Timely payouts and multiple payout currencies, transparent pricing
  • Low refund rate (approx. 0.5%)
  • Seamless subscription management and sales.

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