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Imprimis - Online Security Company

Increased Online Direct and Partner Sales
Michael Semmens, President, Imprimis
Michael SemmensPresident, Imprimis


"We've selected 2Checkout for a variety of reasons, including flexibility and efficiency, but most importantly for security and data protection. The fact that we found all of these capabilities and requirements in a single, integrated platform was very beneficial for our business. We've achieved major internal efficiencies by getting more flexibility and control over the online store, as well as better tools for managing partner sales. The subscription management capabilities were also a key decision factor, as we rely heavily on recurring revenue. More than one year since we started working with the 2Checkout solution we can say that we couldn't be happier with our decision", Michael Semmens, President of Imprimis, Inc.





About Imprimis

Imprimis, Inc. is an organization dedicated to supporting government and private businesses with cybersecurity compliance tools, cybersecurity technology, and space based technology, advanced engineering, structured training, and advanced training techniques and tools.

For more information visit: www.Imprimis-Inc.com



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