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Notable Revenue Uplift by Selling Online with 2Checkout
Felix Huning Director eCommerce, Nero
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"I really think that the 2Checkout team is trying to look through the customers’ eyes, so see what the issues are from our customers’ perspective and I believe this improves our business day by day. 2Checkout is one of the few companies out there that really has all the experience and all the functionalities that are required to be successful in the online business,” Felix Hüning, Director eCommerce, Nero.

Felix Huning, Director eCommerce, Nero
Felix HuningDirector eCommerce, Nero


"We are impressed with the breadth and depth of the ecommerce and subscriptions functionality that the Avangate Monetization platform offers and with the conversion rate improvements and revenue uplifts we achieved. Especially as we put more emphasis on our subscriptionbased business, tools that help us increase client lifetime value – such as involuntary and voluntary churn prevention – are of the utmost importance. All in all, we are very pleased with working with the 2Checkout team,"
Felix Hüning, Director eCommerce, Nero.





About Nero

Nero creates software that helps consumers around the world to enjoy their videos, photos and music simply. Nero produces widely used multimedia software, which contains powerful applications for media management, media streaming, video playback, video editing, video converting, content syncing and disc burning. Nero is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, has offices in Glendale, CA (USA), Yokohama (Japan) and Hangzhou (China).

For more information, visit: www.nero.com.


Project: Nero Boosts Online Sales with 2Checkout’s In-Platform Marketing Tools

Context & Objectives

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Case Study

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Nero had been working with 2Checkout (now Verifone) for several years and wanted to boost their revenue from new and existing users, while also ensuring that the customer experience was aligned with their expectations. The multimedia software provider started employing the full suite of marketing and sales tools readily integrated with the 2Checkout (now Verifone) commerce engine and achieved significant results.

Solution & Results

  • >55% of overall revenue driven by 2Checkout (now Verifone)’s marketing tools
  • 5% of revenue generated through additional sales channels
  • Deep checkout localization
  • 5% of recurring revenue driven by Revenue Recovery Tools
  • Advanced subscription capabilities with auto-renewals


Project: Nero Sees Notable Revenue Uplift by Selling Online with 2Checkout

Context & Objectives

Download full case study Download Nero
Case Study

 Download full case study

A very popular multimedia suite with global recognition, Nero is strategically focused on improving the customer experience and retention.


Nero has seen revenue improvements for its online sales channel since working with 2Checkout’s Avangate Monetization Platform.

  • Revenue uplift of more than 6% from follow-ups on abandoned carts and unfinished payments
  • Over 10% increases in conversion rates on new acquisitions in several geographies, including key markets such as the USA and Germany







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