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Passing the “Go Beyond Payments” Threshold
Andy Brice Founder, PerfectTablePlan
Andy Brice Founder, PerfectTablePlan




"I really want to focus on providing a great service for my customers without thinking too much about the nitty-gritty of credit card processing and VAT. 2Checkout (formerly Avangate) helps me do that. I passed the threshold where I had to register for VAT some years ago. It was nice to reach that threshold, but VAT is a pain – especially when you have customers all around the world. I switched my payment processing to 2Checkout, and they now sort out the VAT and much more for me. This saves us hours of tedious admin every month and gives me the flexibility to tackle a global market, with sales to 140 countries to date. Based on my experiences, I would recommend 2Checkout to other software and SaaS companies.” said Andy Brice, Founder of PerfectTablePlan.







About PerfectTablePlan

PerfectTablePlan is a software product that helps people planning seating for events. Learn more at www.perfecttableplan.com.

The Context

This software company is based in the UK, where businesses must register for VAT after reaching £81,000 ($136,000) in sales per year within the EU. PerfectTablePlan had crossed that threshold, but its previous payment provider didn’t offer VAT-related services.


It was difficult to deal with all the complexity of invoicing and VAT handling in European countries, because different regulations and rates exist across the EU. Additionally, PerfectTablePlan’s previous payment processing provider had unresponsive customer support, resulting in long delays in issue resolution that consumed valuable internal resources. The payment provider also lacked an adequate shopping cart service, so PerfectTablePlan had to integrate with a shopping cart from a third party.


PerfectTablePlan wanted a commerce provider focused on software that could reduce administration overheads, such as bookkeeping and VAT accounting. The company also needed a solution to go beyond just payments and provide additional commerce capabilities, including a configurable shopping cart and software-specific features.


PerfectTablePlan surveyed 166 software vendors on its blog to determine which payment processor to use. 2Checkout (formerly Avangate) ranked first in the survey results, so PerfectTablePlan switched to 2Checkout from its previous combination of a payments-only provider and third party shopping cart provider.

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Case Study
Download full case study


2Checkout provides PerfectTablePlan with a complete commerce solution that includes:

  • Support for multiple languages and country-specific payment methods, such as France’s Carte Bleu or China's Alipay)
  • Sales features, such as money-off vouchers and flexible pricing
  • Tools for increasing the conversion rate, such as automatic follow-ups to shopping cart abandonment
  • Hours of admin saved every month, because 2Checkout deals with payment processing and VAT handling for end customers, while PerfectTablePlan receives just one invoice per month from 2Checkout.
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