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Seamless Online Selling Experience from the First Acquisition to Renewals
Christian Sprajc
Christian Sprajc CEO of PowerFolder



"We couldn't be happier with our commerce provider. Having gone through the pains of an in-house built solution, and then an unsuitable 3rd party tool, we appreciate 2Checkout (formerly Avangate) even more. Because things got that much easier with 2Checkout, we have much more time to focus on new customers, improve our SaaS product and roll out large projects while most of the daily business runs smoothly. They enable us to provide a seamless online selling experience from the first acquisition to renewals, whether direct or via partners, for the home-user to the Fortune 500 customer. A commerce solution done right," said Christian Sprajc, CEO of PowerFolder.




About PowerFolder

PowerFolder is a German software company which provides "out of the box" cloud and inhouse Enterprise file sync and share solutions and partly individualized on-premise services for the educational, research, industrial and information sectors. More information on https://www.powerfolder.com/

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From the beginning, PowerFolder have been very aware that they need to automate ordering and billing as much as possible, so they can focus on developing their products. The goal was to implement a commerce solution to allow them to sell online, both in their local market as well as internationally, direct as well as via partners.


Following significant business growth, with clear requirements for the commerce solution they needed, PowerFolder selected 2Checkout (formerly Avangate) as their digital commerce provider.

Benefits and Results

With 2Checkout, PowerFolder is able to:

  • Easily integrate their private and public cloud solutions with the commerce platform
  • Quickly setup flexible product and pricing options and deploy their products immediately
  • Easily customize shopping cart templates
  • Provide special offers in the shortest time for customers via the ecommerce module or for affiliates
  • Provide extremely easy ways for clients to upgrade and renew their subscriptions, whether ordering direct or via partners
  • Double the number of countries they sell into within 2 years
  • Obtain an 18% revenue uplift from using 2Checkout in-platform features such as promotions
  • Visibility into business metrics as well

"Our Partners and resellers have an easier life: now many of the processes are automated, our partners can place most orders in self-service mode or we can place and process orders for our partners within minutes, during the first call," Christian Sprajc, CEO at PowerFolder.

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