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Retrospect - Backup and Recovery

Expanded Global Presence by 15%
Werner Walter Director of Sales, Americas Retrospect
Werner Walter Director of Sales, Americas Retrospect
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"2Checkout (formerly Avangate) enables Retrospect to provide both partners and end-users in more remote regions in-country purchase option where there may not be a portal to source our product. We are very channel focused and 2Checkout provides us with the reach that we wouldn't have otherwise," Werner WalterDirector of Sales, Americas, Retrospect.  







About Retrospect

Retrospect is a laeading systems backup, recovery and optimization solution dedicated to providing reliable Windows and Mac tools and support for professionals and small-to-midsize businesses. More information on www.retrospect.com.


Retrospect benefits from close relationships with value added resellers that sell the back-up software as part of a managed service package.


Extend reach to new and more remote markets, maintain ownership of the end-customer relationship for more effective up-selling and cross-selling, engage with local resellers and deliver the product trainings and sales and marketing materials needed to better sell Retrospect’s products and services..


  • Extend distribution to more remote markets
  • Establish relationships and extend better terms to smaller value added resellers (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs) who were purchasing Retrospect from larger online resellers at full MSRP, without contacting Retrospect
  • A need to sell online without cannibalizing traditional channels-introduce ecommerce alongside traditional channel
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Snapshot of Results

  • Expanded global presence by 15%
  • Engaged with partners and customers in geographically remote areas
  • Enrolled more local MSPs and VARs by extending pricing discounts and favorable financing with no credit terms
  • Faster go-to-market
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