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StratPad - Cloud-based Business Planning Solution

Enabling a Vision of Online Services Ecosystem for SMBs
Alex Glassey CEO, StratPad

StratPad is cloud-based software that makes business planning simple for entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants, educators and students worldwide.


Take online business planning services global, making available a multitude of products and services on the same platform such as SaaS Business Plan Tool, access to training workshops, eBooks.

The Context

The business requirements changed since it developed into a cloud-based app from an iPad app, with the need for a commerce platform and more flexibility to support different business and revenue models, distribution and localization capabilities on a global level.



The company was confronted with the following issues:

  • Limitations of payment-centric systems to support business requirements shifted our focus towards complete commerce solutions;
  • Being able to scale globally to new and emerging markets without up-front investments;
  • Flexibility to allow experimentation with different service and product models, the ability to manage an ecosystem of service partners quickly and cost-effectively


"Online services are just starting to show their true potential – we have a vision of bringing together an ecosystem of services partners that support start-ups and SMBs around the world A commerce platform that supports the ecosystem throughout the customer lifecycle, across channels and touchpoints and allows easy experimentation, visibility into relevant KPIs and market agility is clearly a differentiation point and 2Checkout (formerly Avangate) provides us with that and more." Alex Glassey, CEO, StratPad .

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Case Study
Download full case study

The results

  • Easy to sell any type of online service or product, with any revenue model
  • Support on several levels beyond just accepting payments, such as invoicing, refund and chargeback management, ecommerce and marketing tools
  • Ability to support a wide network of partners on an affiliate model
  • Ability to go global from day one and scale without up-front investments

Download the full StratPad case study here.

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