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Improved eCommerce Revenue and Transitioned to Subscriptions Seamlessly
Patrice Carrenard
Patrice Carrenard President at Visicom Media

"Since switching to 2Checkout (formerly Avangate) from our previous eCommerce provider, we have seen a significant improvement in our online operations, starting from internal efficiencies all the way to revenue gains. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. We feel that we are truly being listened to, our business needs are well understood and cared for in a proactive way. The people behind 2Checkout (formerly Avangate) really care about us and the Avangate Monetization Platform is very robust and reliable," said Patrice Carrenard, President at Visicom Media and creator of ManyCam.


About Visicom Media

Visicom Media Inc. is a world-wide leader in the development of innovative, quality tools for the Internet. Learn more on www.vmn.net.


Project: Improved eCommerce Revenue and Seamless Transition to Subscriptions

The Context & Objectives

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The overall objective was to improve the eCommerce operations and support. At the same time, Visicom Media was looking for a provider with robust subscription management capabilities. They were looking to transition some of their products from the lifetime license model to a subscription-based model, more in line with customer expectations and market trends.


Visicom Media used 2Checkout Digital Commerce Enterprise Edition to seamlessly transition its product, ManyCam, to a subscription revenue model.

Key Results:

  • 16% Improvement in eCommerce operations
  • 15%+ Increase in conversion rate
  • Smooth transition to subscription-based products 
  • 2% Revenue recovery from cart abandonment tools
  • 7% Increase in PayPal transactions
  • Easy usage of integrated platform for online sales across channels: direct, affiliates, resellers.
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