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Alexander Savchev, Founder, AdBlocker Ultimate
Alexander SavchevFounder of AdBlocker Ultimate
AdBlocker Ultimate




"We've tried several payment gateways in the past – each either lacked a feature, customization option, or knowledgeable support. With 2Checkout, we have it all in one package. Seamless integration and flawless operation.






About AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is an ad-blocking browser extension, that is set it to be completely free, to block all type of ads and to not have a predefined list of “acceptable” ads. They first joined the App Store with their content blocker for Safari. Then they brought our ad-blocking knowledge to iOS users. Shortly after, they released their own Android web browser, which acts as a gateway to the ad-free Internet.

More information on https://adblockultimate.net/.

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