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Easeware - Creator of Driver Easy

Increase in Affiliate & Online Sales, and Optimization of eCommerce Operations
Kevin Zheng, CEO and Founder, Easeware
Kevin ZhengCEO and Founder, Easeware
Driver Easy




"Great service! We increased our cart conversion rate by 11% using 2Checkout optimized purchasing templates and checkout flow. In addition, the strong order tracking functionality helped us obtain improved and meaningful reporting that we can leverage to make informed decisions and set future goals. With the boost also from the affliate sales, we estimate 2Checkout has helped us improve online sales overall by more than 18%,” 


Kevin Zheng, CEO and Founder at Easeware.




About Easeware, Creator of Driver Easy

Easeware is the company behind Driver Easy, a driver updater program that helps you update drivers automatically. Since its release in 2009, Driver Easy has become a well-known driver update tool that has over 3 million users around the world.

For more information, visit www.drivereasy.com.


Project: Driver Easy Increases Affiliate Sales by 56% with the Avangate Avengers Contest

Context & Objectives

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Case Study

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Since working with the Avangate Affiliate Network, the software company has seen significant growth in their affiliate sales, resulting in increased revenue through this channel. The Avangate Avengers Contest was the perfect opportunity for the software company to engage with their affiliates and boost sales.


  • 56% overall increase in affiliate sales;
  • Increased awareness of Driver Easy’s products among affiliates.





Project: Easeware Increases Driver Easy Online sales by 18% and Optimizes eCommerce Operations with 2Checkout


Download full case study Download Easeware
Case Study

 Download full case study

The commerce provider that Easeware previously worked with had a poor order tracking system, making it impossible for Easeware to analyze sales results by channel. This led to mostly guesswork when it came to planning and budget allocation.


Easeware was looking for a better system to help with this internal issue. Before switching to 2Checkout, Easeware did an A/B test on their main target market, and 2Checkout performed much better, with a conversion rate 11% higher than their existing set-up.

Solution & Results

  • 18%+ overall increase in online sales
  • 11% increase in the cart conversion rate
  • 31% increase in affiliate sales
  • Improved order tracking, reporting and analytics
































































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