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A Whopping 70% Increase in Affiliate Sales
Antonia Hao, Affiliate Manager, Glarysoft
Antonia HaoAffiliate Manager,




"In cooperation with 2Checkout's Avangate Affiliate Network, I am very pleased to see Glarysoft expand its user base and increase sales. The 2Checkout team used their comprehensive professional skills and flexible creative thinking to organize a successful affiliate marketing event. The Back to School campaign built an efficient communication bridge between us and our affiliates, and significantly improved sales performance.” 


Antonia Hao, Affiliate Manager, Glarysoft





About Glarysoft

Glarysoft Ltd is a professional software developing company that provides multimedia, system, and network applications. Their goal is to offer easy-to-use, robust, and highly reliable software that increases computing productivity. Glarysoft's solutions keep PCs running smoothly and error-free, greatly improve performance, and ensure personal and corporate security.

More information on www.glarysoft.com.


Project: Glarysoft Increases Affiliate Sales by 70% with Back to School Campaign

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Case Study

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Context & Objectives

Glarysoft is constantly looking for innovative ways to expand their online business across existing or new channels. Since working with the Avangate Affiliate Network, the utility software provider has successfully grown their affiliate community, leading to a boost in revenue generated through this channel.
The Back to School affiliate campaign, which took place August through September 2021, was the perfect opportunity for Glarysoft to expand their affiliate network and increase sales.


Solution & Results

  • 70% increase in affiliate sales driven by the Avangate Affiliate Network Back to School campaign;
  • Increased awareness of Glarysoft’s products among affiliates;


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