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Incomedia Consolidates Global Online Sales with 2Checkout
Stefano Ranfagni, CEO & Founder, Incomedia
Stefano RanfagniCEO & Founder, Incomedia


"We switched to 2Checkout for several very specific reasons, such as bringing all global eCommerce operations under one roof, our need for deep localization capabilities in the Brazilian market and so on. We were pleased to find much more than we bargained for, in terms of improvements in conversion rate, platform management, tools and capabilities that are available off-the-shelf. The additional revenue stream brought by the affiliate network is also a big plus. Besides this, the 2Checkout team is very responsive and willing to listen to our needs and suggestions, making this a very strong and desired partnership,Stefano Ranfagni, CEO & Founder, Incomedia.




About Incomedia

Incomedia was founded in 1998, out of a passion for technology shared by two brothers, Federico and Stefano Ranfagni, and their belief that technology should always exist to serve people. The next phase started in 2000, when a friend asked, "I'm not a programmer but I want to launch a website. Can you help me?" It may have seemed crazy, but during a trip one hot summer day, the core idea for what would become WebSite X5 was born. This software, as intuitive as it is comprehensive, would allow anyone, even the inexperienced friend, to create their own website in just 5 steps. Today, WebSite X5 is sold all around the world, and we are still excited to keep developing it and to seek new software and solutions. More information on https://www.incomedia.eu/ and their dedicated product sites www.websitex5.com and www.webanimator.com..


Case study: Incomedia Improved Efficiencies, Lowered TCO and Increased Conversion

Context and Objectives

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Case Study

With a complex setup and managing three separate commerce solutions, Incomedia looked for an alternative digital commerce solution that would help the company sell their products globally, as well as achieve centralized reporting and consistent branding and go-to-market.

Solution & Results

2Checkout was selected as their global digital commerce partner. An all-in-one integrated solution meant also centralized reporting and improved efficiency related to day-to-day management and operations. At the same time, Incomedia noticed a 60% increase in conversion rates with 2Checkout compared to their previous digital commerce provider.

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