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Growth in Revenue via Affiliates and an Optimized Buying Experience

"We really like the way in which we receive constant feedback and proactive advice. We have 2Checkout (formerly Avangate) to thank for helping us improve online sales results. This is yet another proof that we have to constantly test and optimize what we do in order to support our customers better and adapt to their requirements and changes in buying behavior,” Hugo Dong, CEO, IObit


About IObit

IObit provides innovative system utilities that are as simple to use as they are powerful and reliable. It also makes available free versions of its software for personal or non-commercial use. IObit’s flagship product, Advanced SystemCare, has received numerous awards and positive reviews along the years.
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Project: Avangate Affiliate Network Drives 28% of Sales for IObit


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Case Study

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Context & Objectives

IObit has a long-standing tradition of working with affiliates; the channel contributed 18% of their online sales in 2018. For 2019, the IObit team, together with the 2Checkout affiliates management team, set a more ambitious goal: to surpass 25% of all online sales with the affiliates channel effort.


Solution & Results

  • Throughout 2019, the teams worked on various promotional campaigns to boost IObit sales via the award-winning Avangate Affiliates Network
  • 28% of online revenue generated by the affiliates channel in 2019, up from 18% in 2018



Project: How IObit Increased Online Revenue by 6% through Cart Optimization


The Context & Objectives

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Case Study

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IObit is looking to constantly improve both acquisition and retention at global level and this cart optimization project was part of the acquisition improvement initiative. The goal was to increase cart conversion rates on a global level by at least 5%.


The 2Checkout CRO team executed an optimization project on the IObit cart which included a fourweek slit-test. After a thorough quantitative and heuristics analysis, the CRO Team developed a successful hypothesis.

Key Results

  • 14% increase in cart conversion rate, which far surpassed the original objective of 5%
  • 6% increase in revenue per visitor
  • 23x return on investment of the CRO program


30% Increase in Revenue from Optimized Customer Buying Experience

IObit was looking to update and optimize its buying experience and purchase flow to maximize cart conversions and drive incremental revenue. IObit’s buying experience and purchase flow had not kept pace with the company’s rapidly expanding international customer base and web traffic. Flat cart conversion rates due in part to the old design and flow were limiting the potential for increases in incremental revenue.

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IObit didn’t have the internal tools or expertise for an effective A/B testing and optimization program required to remedy the design and structural flows that were depressing cart conversions and revenues.


2Checkout’s solution for IObit consisted of a comprehensive six-month cart conversion rate optimization program. Over the course of the six months, 2Checkout’s team deployed advanced marketing tools and strategies to makeover IObit’s aging online ordering system. Actions included improvements to the order flow, a complete redesign of the shopping cart and order flow layout and graphics, increasing shopper trust and conversions. 2Checkout also tested for best performing marketing tools and their optimal placement within the ordering flow.


  • 12% increase in shopping cart conversion rate, from 11.8% to 23.73%
  • 30.47% increase in revenue, due completely to the optimization program
  • Increased shopper trust in the purchase process
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