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Kilohearts - Developer of Software Synthesizers

Churn Reduction and Increase in Affiliate Sales
Per Salbark, Creative Director of KiloHearts
Per SalbarkCreative Director of Kilohearts




"We used to spend a lot of time and effort on VAT regulations and other compliance issues. Since our customers are now in effect buying the products from 2Checkout, our accounting is a lot easier. More importantly, with 2Checkout’s retention tools, our subscriber churn is down by about 50%, and still plummeting!", 
Per Salbark, Creative Director of Kilohearts.





About Kilohearts

Kilohearts AB is a development studio focusing on development of software synthesizers and effects. The company’s mission is to combine quality and power with ease of use, and aim to make the kHs Toolbox the most complete sound design bundle on the market. Kilohearts is based in Linköping, Sweden.

More information on: www.kilohearts.com.


Project: Kilohearts Curbs Subscription Churn by 50% with 2Checkout


Context & Objectives

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Case Study

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Kilohearts was previously working with a payments-only provider and had to figure out sales tax compliance in over 50 countries, which was time-consuming and defocusing the company from their products. A holistic purchase process optimization was not being performed.


Solution & Results

  • Compliance: With 2Checkout’s all-in-one monetization platform, Kilohearts does not need to worry about sales tax and VAT regulations, since 2Checkout is taking care of sales compliance at the global level, through the Merchant of Record model.
  • Churn reduction: Kilohearts is leveraging 2Checkout’s voluntary and involuntary churn reduction tools, such as auto-renewal enrollment discounts, account updater and retry logic, and dunning management, leading to a 50% drop in subscription churn. Order management has been improved overall with a localized cart, featuring order recovery tools, namely unfinished payment follow-ups and cart abandonment tools, among others.
  • Additional sales channel: The Avangate Affiliates Network partnership resulted in 5% in additional sales.

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