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9% Increase in Conversion Rates with ConvertPlus
Alexander Galkin, Project Manager, VideoSoftDev
Alexander GalkinProject Manager, VideoSoftDev



"We wanted to continue to improve our shopper experience and conversion rate, so we used ConvertPlus to update our ordering engine and cart template. We were very pleased with the increase in conversion rate by 9%. The new solution is available out of the box in the 2Checkout Control Panel and was easy to implement by my team"Alexander Galkin, Project Manager, VideoSoftDev.






About Vector and VSDC Editor

Vector Ltd is engaged in free multimedia software development. The company produces the VSDC range of audio and video conversion and editing software. The Vector team has a proven track record of developing fast, stable and highly efficient multi-purpose multimedia tools for a wide range of users. Solid development experience and commitment to ongoing improvement guarantee remarkable quality and ever-growing levels of customer satisfaction.

Find out more about Vector and VideoSoftDev on: www.videosoftdev.com.


Project: ConvertPlus Ordering Engine Improves Conversion Rates

Context & Objectives

VideoSoftDev was looking to boost conversion rates for its video editing software. With a strong relationship with the 2Checkout team, being clients since 2016, VideoSoftDev knew that it could count on 2Checkout to deliver a superior shopper experience and raise conversion rates.

Solution & Results

VideoSoftDev decided to test 2Checkout’s new ConvertPlus ordering engine. This is an API-driven, highly optimized hosted checkout built with the latest available frameworks. The ConvertPlus shopping cart increased conversion by 9 percent for VideoSoftDev, and streamlined the checkout experience for their global customers.

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