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VWO – A/B Testing Platform

8% increase in revenue and eCommerce operations optimization with 2Checkout
Alekh Agarwal, Director, Finance & Accounts, VWO
Alekh Agarwal Finance & Accounts, VWO




"When you work with a provider and see they are really committed to the relationship and they bring real benefits, both in terms of revenue uplifts as well as resource savings, then you know you’re in a long-term partnership. 2Checkout is like that for us. We love the team!”Alekh Agarwal, Director, Finance & Accounts, VWO.





About VWO

VWO is a full-funnel A/B testing platform that helps businesses improve their key business metrics by empowering them to discover insights, test ideas, and improve engagement.

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Project: VWO Boosts Revenue by 8% with 2Checkout

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Case Study

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Context & Objectives

Before working with 2Checkout, Wingify (parent company of VWO) had two payment providers selling their VWO and VWO Engage (previously PushCrew) products online: the legacy 2Checkout payments platform and a third-party provider. With both, they were working with a payments service provider model, meaning the VWO team was left to deal with sales tax management, invoicing, and compliance at a global level.

Following the Avangate acquisition of 2Checkout, VWO reconsidered their online sales strategy and decided to switch both new acquisitions and renewals to the new 2Checkout offering, the Avangate Monetization Platform, using the Merchant of Record model.

Solution & Results

  • 8%+ overall revenue uplift from recovery tools;
  • 8%+ of automatic renewals revenue recovered with 2Checkout’s Revenue Recovery Tools;
  • 6% improvement in authorization rates;
  • 9% of new acquisitions revenue recovered with follow-ups on unfinished payments;
  • eCommerce operations optimization.


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