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What is Catalog Management?

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Is a process where the products or services are listed and organized in a specific way for each company, in order to establish specific information about what the business is selling. Catalogs are created for classifying products and should include product names, descriptions, prices, categories, and other relevant details. Catalogs can be generic or adapted for each market or sales channel.

For eCommerce companies, it is essential for the back-end applications that manage the product catalog to be seamlessly integrated with the front-end commerce systems. This is important for providing an optimized online experience. How you manage your product data serves as the foundation of shopping experiences like:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – How optimized your website is for search engines by targeting specific keywords and keeping up with the latest optimization trends;
Site navigation – How easy the navigation process through the product pages is;
Site search – Search engine that facilitates website searches by the shopper in order to find and then browse your website’s product catalog;
Product recommendations – Showcase relevant item suggestions to shoppers and use upselling tactics to streamline your sales, both to boost your revenue and to increase average order values (AOV) that can help you identify customers’ buying behavior;
Confidence to buy – Boost shoppers’ confidence in your products/services by creating a website that fulfills their needs.

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