eCommerce in Russia

A Merchant's Cross-Border Guide to Online Sales

As the world's tenth largest eCommerce market, with one the biggest percentages of per-capita GDP spent online globally, Russia is a sought-after destination for online merchants. To find success here and earn a slice of the country's $27 billion (US) eCommerce market, however, non-native online sellers must be in tune with local buyers' preferences and needs - including strong localization requirements.

Read our eBook, "eCommerce in Russia: A Merchant's Cross-Border Guide to Online Sales" to discover how you can efficiently take on online sales in this country:

  • An overview of the country's growing eCommerce market and the main factors that are driving eCommerce adoption here. With eCommerce making only 5% of all Russian retail sales, there is a huge potential to explore.
  • An analysis of Russian online shoppers' favorite payment methods and their preferences in terms of checkout.
  • A look at the country's main legal and privacy regulations that need to be observed.

Plus, discover 2Checkout recommendations and good practice examples for how to set up your online business for success in Russia.

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eCommerce in Russia
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