How to integrate Akeeba Subscriptions with 2Checkout

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Payment API
Recurring Payments
Plugin Required

Akeeba Subscriptions Settings:

  1. Login to your Joomla admin.
  2. Under Extensions click Plugin Manager.
  3. Select “Akeeba Subscriptions Payment – 2Checkout Standard Purchase Routine
  4. Under Status select Enabled.
  5. Enter your Payment Option Title.
  6. Enter in your 2Checkout Seller ID.
  7. Enter in your Secret Word (set on 2Checkout site management page).
  8. Under Demo mode select No.
  9. Select whether or not you will be placing demo sales. (INS messages are not sent on demo sales so all demo sales will have a payment status of New and will not be enabled.)
  10. Select the default payment method for your buyers on the checkout page.
  11. Under Checkout Process select Single Page.
  12. Save your changes.

2Checkout Settings:

  1. Sign in to your 2Checkout account.
  2. Navigate to DashboardIntegrationsWebhooks & API Section
  3. Activate Redirect URL: In the Redirect URL section check “Enable return after sale” and for Return method, select Link in the Thank You Page or Redirect Header. Set the Approved URL to the URL provided in your Joomla admin (Replace with the actual URL to your domain) and then click Update to save your settings.
  4. In the Secret Word section enter the INS Secret Word (it must be the same value entered in your Joomla admin).
  5. In the Webhooks and API section, under the Instant Notification Service (INS) card, check the Enable Global URL box.
  6. Enter the as the Global URL (replace with your actual website URL)
  7. Enable all triggers and click on Update to save your changes

For more information visit:

Akeeba Subscriptions

Akeeba Subscriptions is a component for the popular Joomla!™ CMS which allows you to sell subscriptions on your site, the easy way. Integrate directly with Joomla!’s built-in ACL and dozens of popular extensions. Comes with built-in support for 2Checkout’s payment processing service. Limit the displayed content based on your users’ subscription level. Be in control of your business policy with its powerful features. Integrate with the popular ccInvoices component for automatic invoicing. Use it with single- or multi-lingual sites. Comply with EU VAT laws with its powerful Tax Rules feature. And as with the best things in life, Akeeba Subscriptions is available free of charge from

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