How to integrate BigCommerce with 2Checkout

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Process credit cards for your store using 2Checkout's Hosted Checkout.
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Recurring Payments
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BigCommerce Settings:

To integrate 2Checkout into your BigCommerce store you need to follow the steps below:
  • Create a BigCommerce account.
  • Once your store was created, navigate to Store set-up Payments and select the 2Checkout set-up by clicking the Set up button.
  • Fill in the form:
    • Choose a display name.
    • Fill in the Seller ID. (the Seller ID is the Merchant Code assigned to your 2Checkout account. To see your Merchant code, log in to your 2Checkout Merchant Control Panel and go to IntegrationsWebhooks and APIsAPIMerchant code.)
    • Fill in the INS Secret Word. (The INS Secret Word displayed in your 2Checkout account, under IntegrationsWebhooks and APIsSecret WordInstant Notification Service (INS) secret word.)
    • Choose if your account is in test mode or not. If your site is ready to go live and you can start selling right away, select ‘No’. If you are still testing your site and your store, then select ‘Yes’.
  • Click Save to save your settings.

2Checkout Settings:

Follow the below instructions in your 2Checkout Control Panel to finalize the Shopify integration process.
  • Create a 2Checkout account.
  • Log in to your 2Checkout Merchant Control Panel.
  • In the Redirect URL section check “Enable return after sale”.
  • For the Redirect URL section, set the Approved URL to your BigCommerce URL (you can find it in your BigCommerce AdminStore SetupPayments2Checkout.)
  • For Return method, select Link in ‘Thank you’ page.
  • Click Update to save your settings.

For more information, visit BigCommerce.

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