How to integrate Joomla Integrator with 2Checkout

Standard Checkout
Process credit cards for your store using 2Checkout's Hosted Checkout.
Inline Checkout
Payment API
Recurring Payments
Plugin Required

Joomla 2Checkout Integrator Settings:

Complete instructions to integrate are available online at:

For more information visit:

About Joomla 2Checkout Integrator

Joomla 2Checkout Integrator is a bridge between your 2Checkout account and Joomla website. Building your Joomla e-commerce solution has never been so easy.

With this extension you can:

  • Manage the style and look of Buy buttons/links and add them anywhere on your site
  • View statistics of visits and clicks
  • Check the actual real-time statuses of payments on your site (it will be updated automatically)
  • See the full payment description
  • Create PDF invoices (WYSIWYG template, any texts/decorations + data pulled from payment)
  • Export data in .csv
  • Set the behavior of the system depending on payment’s status with embedded Events Handler (e.g. you need an account to be created after the payment is validated, or an email notification to be sent)
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