How to integrate Kartris with 2Checkout

Standard Checkout
Process credit cards for your store using 2Checkout's Hosted Checkout.
Inline Checkout
Payment API
Recurring Payments
Plugin Required

Kartris Cart Settings:

  1. Sign in to your Kartris admin
  2. Under Configuration click Payment and Shipping Gateways
  3. Click the Edit link for 2Checkout
  4. Enter a Friendly Name (such as “Credit Card/Paypal”)
  5. Enter your process currency (Must be the same currency you have set as your pricing currency on your 2Checkout Site Management page)
  6. Set status to ON
  7. Enter your POST URL (Use for multipage checkout or for single page checkout )
  8. Enter your SID (2Checkout account number)
  9. Click Save

2Checkout Settings:

In the IntegrationsWebhooks & API section in the cPanel, you will find all the necessary tools to connect your third-party store creators to your 2checkout account. From this centralized integrations section you will be able to:

  1. Set up INS/LCN/IPN (found on other third-party store creators as Global URL)
  2. Have access to your Merchant code (also referred to as Seller ID, Account ID, Merchant ID)
  3. Add Return URL with header redirect or link in Thank you page (also referred to as Return link, Approved URL, Thank you link, Given links back to my website)
  4. Generate an INS secret word (also referred to as Secret word, Secret Key)
  5. Generate private API keys, or use any API information required for your authentication

For more information visit:

About Kartris

Kartris is a free, ready-built online shop, written in ASP.NET (vb). An installation wizard makes initial setup straightforward, and the backend control panel enables hundreds of configuration settings to be changed without modifying code. Kartris features a small lightweight compiled core to provide underlying functionality, while the pages, controls, masterpages and BLL are provided in full source code form. Multilingual support including non-western languages (eg Arabic, Chinese). Runs on medium trust which most shared hosting uses, so you don’t need a dedicated server.

UPS and USPS shipping is included. Inbuilt “product configurator” – a base product of (eg) a laptop can be setup, and then various options priced (OS upgrade, memory upgrade, etc). As the user changes options, the visible pricing changes in real time. Includes integrated support for video and other media galleries. Excellent SEO features are built-in, with support for "SEO friendly" URLs, custom page names, custom meta tags per product and Google sitemaps. Supports sites with up to 500 products for free. There is an enterprise upgrade for users who require a larger catalogue, and paid-for support.

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