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2Checkout Announces 2019 Winter Release

Digital commerce provider helps reduce purchase friction and churn across channels through an enhanced monetization platform and streamlined payments experience

ATLANTA, GA - December 10, 2019: 2Checkout, the leading all-in-one monetization platform for global businesses, today announced the latest release of its Avangate Monetization Platform, featuring an enriched Application Programming Interface (API) version 6.0, that offers merchants a more flexible, and customizable payment experience, within a secure and compliant system. The API 6.0 connects into merchants' storefronts, providing a seamless interface across multiple sales channels, and touch points, via desktop, mobile, or in-app. In addition, through the new 2Pay.js, 2Checkout removes the burden of sensitive payment data processing by merchants, while empowering embedded, and fully customizable ordering flow capabilities to support global sales.

"With this release, we are delivering more than 250 enhancements to our proven monetization platform. As a company, it is our goal to provide businesses with a simple, reliable solution for strengthening customer relationships, and driving revenue interactions across multiple channels. With the API 6.0, and the new 2Pay.js, our clients gain full customization of payments forms, without touching customers' sensitive information. This delivers speed and flexibility into our clients' digital commerce operations, while reducing the complexity for merchants' PCI DSS validation process," said Adriana Iordan, VP of Product Management at 2Checkout.

In addition to the flagship 2Pay.js advancement, the 2Checkout platform features the following highlights:

  • Improved Subscription Retention: With the recently introduced «Pause Subscriptions» functionality, merchants selling subscriptions can further decrease voluntary churn. This adds to the existing award-winning churn prevention instruments offered by 2Checkout, for both involuntary, and voluntary churn, which have been proven to recover a minimum of 20% of merchants' recurring revenues.
  • Enhanced Hosted Ordering Engines: 2Checkout's Inline and ConvertPlus carts, have each been updated with additional capabilities, such as supplementary field customization, faster loading time, and abandonment recovery tools, ensuring an increased performance, and conversion rates. In addition, merchants employing these newer ordering engines also benefit from an enhanced local offering in Brazil, including acceptance of credit cards with installments, and Boleto Bancario.
  • Improved Product Management Capabilities: Greater SKU management functionality is now available, for increased visibility and control over products, particularly useful for merchants with large catalogs, who are making regular changes to their prices, and products within other applications, besides the 2Checkout Control Panel. Renewal price management via API is also possible through this update.
  • Streamlined Partner Sales: Enhancements to the handling of subscription upgrades, renewals and volume discounts have also been introduced, for channel sales via resellers and distributors. In addition, affiliate tracking with increased transparency ensures better management of referral sources for merchants, employing the Avangate Affiliates Network.
  • Additional Payment Methods: In conjunction with the recently announced expanded partnership with fintech company PagBrasil, 2Checkout is now offering local processing of Boleto Bancario (including Boleto Flash® option), credit cards with installments, Elo Card, and HyperCard, for merchants employing the Payment Service Provider (PSP) model for the Brazilian market, previously available only for the Merchant of Record (MOR) model.
  • Compliance Updates: 2Checkout remains compliant with the latest industry regulations. Specifically, for the US market, where the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is expected to take effect in January 2020, 2Checkout is following, and implementing, the latest compliance updates, and directions coming from the State of California Attorney General's Office. Similarly, 2Checkout is monitoring Brexit developments, and implications on tax management from the GDPR/PSD2 Directive, and will publish compliance actions, as soon as final guidelines become available.

For more information on the newly added features presented above, as well as several other enhancements, please check the 2Checkout 2019 Winter Release article.

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