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2Checkout 2020 Summer Release Equips Merchants for the Fast-Changing Economy

Online businesses leverage the enhanced digital commerce and subscription billing platform for global scaling and a fast path to revenue

ATLANTA, GA - July 15, 2020: 2Checkout, the leading all-in-one monetization platform for global businesses, today announced the 2020 Summer Release of its Avangate Monetization Platform, featuring new investments to support merchants as they adapt to a fast-changing economy. The new release features advanced out-of-the-box promotions and pricing capabilities, localized cart abandonment engine and churn prevention tools, embedded ordering options for brand-centric experiences, and deeper localization options related to payments, tax, and compliance.

With the new features and enhancements provided by 2Checkout's 2020 Summer Release, online merchants can:

  • Engage their audiences with brand-centric experiences

eCommerce teams using the Inline cart and Convert Plus advanced ordering engines have access to more cart abandonment reduction tools, as well as extended promotions and payments capabilities. For those looking to fully control the ordering experience, the 2Checkout APIs have been upgraded with additional functionality, including more local payment methods and B2B configure price-quote support capabilities. Merchants can continuously optimize their commerce experience and increase conversion rates with enhanced localization.

  • Attract and retain subscribers with an enhanced subscriptions toolkit

More flexibility and automation for subscription billing has been added to 2Checkout's award-winning suite of retention and churn prevention tools. End customers can granularly manage subscriptions directly in myAccount portals, in self-service mode, while merchants' support teams have access to out-of-the-box capabilities such as subscription pause at various touchpoints in the customer journey. The release brings additional capabilities for several pricing models - such as pay per use - for businesses to better adapt to shifting buying behavior during these unpredictable times.

  • Ensure global compliance to ever-changing regulations

2Checkout continues to simplify the complexity of selling worldwide for all size companies and reduce the risks for even larger-scale investments. The platform is being constantly updated and upgraded for PCI compliance, PSD2 regulation, privacy and data protection such as GDPR and CCPA, performance, and security, and also for tax regulation changes at a global level. Some of the new technologies implemented include an upgraded tax determination engine, new automation for US Tax exemption certificates management, improved order search, and webhooks related to transactional data performance.

"2Checkout allows us to sell our subscription products internationally - we welcome the upcoming product release bringing enhanced features such as the new tax exemption capabilities, which we are looking forward to deploying. We see 2Checkout as a true partner, forward-looking and keeping us as clients in the loop, permanently catering to our needs and our end-customers' needs," mentioned Florin Cornianu, CEO of 123FormBuilder.

"Through 2Checkout's all-in-one monetization platform, we are focused on helping clients simplify the complexities of digital commerce and - especially today - to adapt faster to new market conditions," said Adriana Iordan, VP of Product Management at 2Checkout."The 2020 summer release brings together not only additional capabilities needed for modern commerce, particularly payment localization and subscription billing, but also responds to clients' needs to be nimbler. Merchants using our platform are able to quickly enter new markets and achieve the fastest path to revenue, with flexible offerings and optimized brand-centric experiences - without requiring engineering resources."

For more details on the 2Checkout platform enhancements, and package-related availability, please read the dedicated 2020 Summer Release article on 2Checkout's blog.

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