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2Checkout’s Avangate Affiliate Network Ranked #1 Network Focused on Digital Goods

Provider’s affiliate solution is leading the mThink’s Blue Book in digital goods for the sixth year in a row

ATLANTA, GA - January 30, 2020 - 2Checkout, the leading all-in-one monetization platform for global businesses, today announces that its Avangate Affiliate Network was ranked the number one Cost Per Sale (CPS) Network focused on Digital Goods in this year's mThink Blue Book survey, for the sixth year running. 2Checkout's network occupies the fifth position overall in the global Top 20 Affiliate (CPS) Networks 2020, as chosen by the advertisers and publishers of the worldwide performance marketing community.

mThink's Blue Book Top 20 is the biggest and fairest evaluation of the best performance marketing networks in the world. Published yearly, it aims to identify the best CPA and CPS affiliate networks that brands, merchants, and agencies should be collaborating with. The ranking of the Top 20 cost-per-sale and cost-per-acquisition networks worldwide is based on a four-month survey conducted across the performance marketing industry, input from a Blue Ribbon Panel of industry experts, as well as on other weighted data such as reputation, influence, clientele, popularity, and scale.

According to mThink, the networks included in their final ranking distinguish themselves through professionalism, effectiveness, and a guaranteed ROI, therefore succeeding in a highly competitive environment.

For the sixth year in a row, 2Checkout's Avangate Affiliate Network remains "the most popular digital goods network by some margin," reinforcing its leadership in the affiliate industry. The network allows merchants to quickly expand their reach and master new markets, making it easy for them to set up and run a successful affiliate program anywhere in the world. The 2Checkout premium affiliate network for digital goods and online services features a growing network of 50,000 affiliate publishers promoting a database of 22,000+ software products, advanced out-of-the-box marketing tools as well as expertise, and the industry's highest commissions.

"We are honored that our continuous efforts focused on delivering performance are recognized within the industry. The Avangate Affiliate Network has been successfully facilitating long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships between merchants and affiliates," said Adriana Iordan, VP of Product at 2Checkout. "This recognition provides yet another opportunity to express our appreciation towards publishers and merchants for putting their trust in our affiliates services."

To consult this year's mThink Blue Book ranking, visit the Top 20 Affiliate (CPS) Networks 2020 page.

To learn more about 2Checkout's affiliate marketing solution, read an overview of the Avangate Affiliate Network.

About mThink

mThink is the online publishing division of mThinkDigital, a leading interactive marketing services agency focused on digital strategy, content marketing, customer acquisition, eCommerce, and thought leadership.

The Blue Book is an annual ranking of the Top 20 cost-per-sale and cost-per-acquisition networks worldwide, informed by a four-month industry-wide survey, input from a Blue Ribbon Panel of industry experts as well as other, weighted data.

You can read more at https://mthink.com/about-bluebook/.

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2Checkout (now Verifone) is the leading all-in-one monetization platform for global businesses built to help clients drive sales growth across channels and increase market share by simplifying the complexities of modern commerce. 2Checkout’s digital services, including global payments, subscription billing, merchandising, taxes, compliance and risk, help clients stay focused on innovating their products while delivering exceptional customer experiences. In August 2020, leading global payments solution provider Verifone acquired 2Checkout, further solidifying its commitment to providing seamless and frictionless experiences to customers globally through innovative and next-generation hardware and cloud services. 2Checkout will become Verifone, and the unified company will enable omnichannel commerce wherever and whenever clients shop.

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