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Avangate Affiliate Network Recognized as the Leading Network for Digital Goods Sales for the Eighth Year in a Row

The network was also recognized as a top 5 cost-per-sale affiliate network on a global level

Avangate-Affiliate-Network-Leading-mThink-Digital-Goods-2022ALPHARETTA, GA - February 24, 2022 - The Avangate Affiliate Network, part of Verifone's 2Checkout monetization platform, announced that it was recognized as a Top Network for Digital Goods by mThink Blue Book for the eighth year in a row, as well as its global ranking as the fifth best Cost Per Sales (CPS) Affiliate Network.

mThink's Blue Book is published annually and is the product of an extensive, year-long research endeavor, which includes the surveying of over 25,000 industry figures, as well as the evaluation and ranking, in order of their strengths, of 400+ affiliate networks. The selection process also includes the involvement of a Blue Ribbon Panel of industry experts. It is further enhanced by the factoring in of key traffic and other industry metrics, which is used to weigh the influence of reputation, clientele, popularity, and scale into the final rankings.

For the eighth year in a row, the Avangate Affiliate Network was named as a Top Network for Digital Goods in mThink's Blue Book. It also extended its standing as a top 5 CPS network. The Affiliate Network was recognized, in particular, for its strength in helping merchants expand their reach to new markets, its promotional capabilities, and its active coaching on effective sales strategies for affiliates. Currently, the Avangate Affiliate Network is used by over 54,000 publishers to promote more than 22,000 different software and digital products.

"We are honored by this latest recognition from mThink's Blue Book. This marks the eighth consecutive year that the Avangate Affiliate Network was named to the top of the network rankings, which attests the platform's strength in helping publishers and advertisers grow revenues. For merchants, the platform is invaluable in expanding global reach, allowing them to leverage an extensive network of affiliates, advanced marketing tools and detailed reporting to finetune their acquisition strategy in cross-border markets. For publishers, the Avangate Affiliate Network offers access to the world's best-selling software titles, as well as a full suite of promotional tools and dedicated support, all working together to build awareness, drive web traffic and, ultimately, generate high commissions." said Alexandra Badea, VP of Corporate Marketing EMEA at Verifone.

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About mThink, Blue Book Survey

mThink is the online publishing division of mThinkDigital, a leading interactive marketing services agency focused on digital strategy, content marketing, customer acquisition, e-commerce, and thought leadership. The Blue Book is an annual ranking of the Top 20 cost-per-sale (CPS) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) networks worldwide, informed by a four-months-long industry-wide survey, input from a Blue Ribbon Panel of industry experts, as well as the result of over 25,000 publishers, advertisers, and industry experts being individually surveyed with some 400 networks included in the evaluation process.

For more details, please visit https://mthink.com/about-bluebook/.

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