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Nero Sees Notable Revenue Uplift by Selling Online with 2Checkout

The premier multimedia company leverages the advanced ecommerce and payments functionality of 2Checkout’s Avangate Monetization Platform

NeroATLANTA, GA - October 1, 2018 - 2Checkout (formerly Avangate), a leader in eCommerce, payments and subscription billing solutions, today announces that Nero, a leader in multimedia technology, has seen revenue improvements for its online sales channel since working with 2Checkout's Avangate Monetization Platform. The improvements were made possible by the platform's optimized order and payment processing system, and rich ecommerce and merchandizing functionality. Nero has seen a revenue uplift of more than 6% from follow-ups on abandoned carts and unfinished payments, as well as over 10% increases in conversion rates on new acquisitions in several geographies, including key markets such as the USA and Germany.

A very popular multimedia suite with global recognition, Nero is strategically focused on improving the customer experience and retention and is looking to leverage first rate commerce platforms to offer the best possible purchase and renewal experience across channels, as well as achieve internal operational efficiencies and revenue gains. Nero is leveraging the Avangate Monetization Platform to sell perpetual licenses as well as subscription-based products, via online direct sales as well as in-app and additional sales channels.

Felix Huning, Director eCommerce, Nero
Felix Huning
Director eCommerce, Nero

"We are impressed with the breadth and depth of the ecommerce and subscriptions functionality that the Avangate Monetization platform offers and with the conversion rate improvements and revenue uplifts we achieved," declared Felix Hüning, Director eCommerce, Nero. "Especially as we put more emphasis on our subscription-based business, tools that help us increase client lifetime value - such as involuntary and voluntary churn prevention - are of the utmost importance. 2Checkout's platform also offers great flexibility for adjacent hardware sales, which we are looking forward to leveraging soon. All in all, we are very pleased with working with the 2Checkout team," added Hüning.

"At 2Checkout, we are honored to have the opportunity to work with clients such as Nero. A software industry veteran, Nero has demonstrated the ability to constantly adapt to market changes and offer a world-class customer experience. We are honored to contribute to Nero's success by supporting an essential part of the customer experience - monetization. We are looking forward to helping them simplify the complexity of selling multiple product models across multiple channels and international markets," said Erich Litch, 2Checkout's Chief Revenue Officer.

For more details about this success story, download the Nero 2Checkout success story. For more details about 2Checkout's Avangate Monetization Platform, visit the company's website.

About Nero
Nero creates software that helps consumers around the world to enjoy their videos, photos and music simply. Nero produces widely used multimedia software, which contains powerful applications for media management, media streaming, video playback, video editing, video converting, content syncing and disc burning. Nero is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, has offices in Glendale, CA (USA), Yokohama (Japan) and Hangzhou (China).
For more information, visit www.nero.com.

Erich Litch
Erich Litch
Chief Revenue Officer, 2Checkout

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