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GECAD ePayment adds new services to its eCommerce offer

Beginning with January 2005, ePayment extends its offer by adding three new services meant to help every online merchant to increase its online sales.

"Usability inspection" represents a complete analysis made by ePayment's experts and is meant to prove if and to what extent the eShop studied fulfills the usual practices of eCommerce. This inspection is intended also to identify possible problems in the usability of the site, problems that could affect Internet sales of the audited online merchant. An ePayment consultant performs such an analysis and it is certainly an efficient and accessible tool for improving the online shop's interface.

"Testing the site with end-users help" is the second new ePayment service and is another type of analysis that company's experts provide. This analysis is based on observing how visitors use the shop's interface and the ordering system. Testing service identifies specific problems that may occur into the analyzed site and provides detailed information on these issues. In ePayment's report, the problems noticed (organized by type and by and seriousness) are explained, together with the factors that contributed to their occurrence and buyers' reactions. The report includes also some suggestions for improving the interface of the studied online shop.

Creation of sample sites is the third new service ePayment provides beginning with January 2005. In a few words, the service in intended for designing a model site that simulates the way in which the online shop will run. The prototype allows viewing, testing and modifying the eShop and its usability before starting its developing. The sample is extremely useful when the merchant wants to precisely measure the investment needed to build the entire site.

"The most efficient way for increasing online sales is by growing the conversion rate of visitors into online buyers. There is not enough to offer various possibilities of payment to the customer, you need also to give him a fast access to the products he searches and to make him have trust into the site where he is shopping. The three new ePayment services have the objective to increase conversion rate of visitors into customers, through site and ordering process optimizations", says Razvan Prundeanu, CEO of GECAd ePayment International.

The three news services are part of ePayment's development strategy on Romanian market.

"We prepare to launch in the near future an entire range of secured eCommerce services so that entrusting in online commerce to increase, both from the buyer's point of view as well as from the merchant's point of view", Razvan Prundeanu ended.

Company's plans are comprehensive and cover also the launching of its services internationally.

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