Easy Event Espresso shopping cart integration

  • Standard Checkout
    Process credit cards for your store using 2Checkout’s Standard Hosted Checkout
  • Inline Checkout
  • Payment API
  • Recurring Payments
  • Plugin Reqired

How to integrate Event Espresso with 2Checkout

Event Espresso Settings:

  1. Sign in to your WordPress admin and navigate to your Event Espresso settings
  2. Select Payment Settings
  3. Activate 2Checkout IPN
  4. Enter your 2Checkout ID (2Checkout Account Number)
  5. Select your currency (Same as your 2Checkout Pricing Currency)
  6. Select Yes under Bypass Payment Overview Page
  7. Click Update 2Checkout Settings

2Checkout Settings:

  1. Sign in to your 2Checkout account
  2. Click the Account tab and Site Management subcategory
  3. Under Direct Return select Header Redirect
  4. Click Save Changes

For more information visit: Event Espresso.com

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About Event Espresso

Event Espresso is the premiere event registration and ticketing management plugin for WordPress. This premium plugin for WordPress allows even basic users to turn your existing blog or website into a fully featured event management website. With features like printable tickets with QR codes and mobile apps that let you check attendees in at the door; along with custom registration forms and integration with more than 20 gateways, Event Espresso can help any small company be more successful with each event. Event Espresso is also fully-supported with dedicated support staff and developers and they’re launching a new website soon to provide the best customer service offered by commercial WordPress plugins.