Easy Loaded Commerce shopping cart integration

  • Standard Checkout
    Process credit cards for your store using 2Checkout’s Standard Hosted Checkout
  • Inline Checkout
    Streamline your payment process by using 2Checkout’s Inline Checkout
  • Payment API
  • Recurring Payments
  • Plugin Reqired

How to integrate Loaded Commerce with 2Checkout

Loaded Commerce Settings:

  1. Sign in to your Loaded Commerce admin.
  2. Click Modules.
  3. Click Payment.
  4. Click Install on 2Checkout.
  5. Select True on Enable 2Checkout.
  6. Enter your Seller ID. (2Checkout Account Number)
  7. Enter your Secret Word. (Must be the same value entered on your 2Checkout Site Management page.)
  8. Set your Order Status for completed sales.
  9. Click Save Changes.

2Checkout Settings:

  1. Sign in to your 2Checkout account.
  2. Click the Account tab and Site Management subcategory.
  3. Under Direct Return select Header Redirect.
  4. Enter your Secret Word. (Must be the same value entered in your Loaded Commerce admin.)
  5. Click Save Changes.

If you would like to use our Direct Checkout, please use this payment module.

For more information visit: LoadedCommerce.com

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About Loaded Commerce

Loaded Commerce is a full-featured shopping cart that includes everything you need to succeed online. Loaded is packed with popular features derived from a massive community of merchants and developers. Turbocharge your e-commerce business with the most utilized and robust commercial open source shopping cart platform in the world.