Easy Zoho shopping cart integration

  • Standard Checkout
    Process credit cards for your store using 2Checkout’s Standard Hosted Checkout
  • Inline Checkout
  • Payment API
  • Recurring Payments
  • Plugin Reqired

How to integrate Zoho with 2Checkout

Zoho Settings:

  1. Sign in to your Zoho Invoice or Zoho Books account and follow the steps below.
  2. Head to your Settings tab and click on Payment sub-section.
  3. Click on Online Payment Gateway.
  4. Click on Set up now against 2Checkout.
  5. Enter your 2Checkout Account Number.
  6. Enter your Secret Word. (Must be the same value entered on your 2Checkout Site Management page)
  7. Click on Setup and you are done.

2Checkout Settings

  1. Sign in to your 2Checkout account.
  2. Ensure you have selected ‘Off’ for Demo Setting.
  3. Click the Account tab and Site Management subcategory.
  4. Under Direct Return select Direct Return (Your URL).
  5. Enter “https://invoice.zoho.com/n/2checkout” as your approved URL for Zoho Invoice and “https://books.zoho.com/n/2checkout” for Zoho Books
  6. Enter your Secret Word. (Must be the same value entered in your Zoho settings.)
  7. Click Save Changes.

For more information visit Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books.

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About Zoho

Zoho offers online business, collaboration and productivity apps for small business owners and freelancers. Zoho has launched more than 25+ applications like CRM, project management, online office suit and much more. In the finance domain, Zoho offers Zoho Invoice (invoicing application) and Zoho Books (accounting application) for users to manage their business finances and keep track of their cash flow.

Zoho Invoice

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Zoho Books

The perfect accounting software which a small business needs to manage its finances online.

Key Benefits

  • 30-Day sign up is absolutely FREE. No credit card required. Your data is secure and will never be deleted.
  • Connect your bank account and eliminate data entry with automatic bank feeds and bank rules.
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