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Improvement in Conversion and Overall Revenue
Anuraag Singh, Chief Executive Offcer and Co-Founder, SysTools Software
Anuraag SinghCEO & Co-Founder, SysTools Software




"We take pride in what we do, and we believe that we are revolutionizing the lives of millions of computer users and IT administrators. And to truly serve this target market as they expect to be served, we needed a stronger online channel and a better way to monetize our solutions. The improvements we made with 2Checkout in our digital commerce operations are even more important given this context, and I am very pleased with this partnership,Anuraag Singh, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, SysTools Software.




Chirag Arora Digital Marketing Manager, SysTools
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"The partnership has so far helped us improve our overall business. Earlier, we as a team were facing a lot of challenges when it came to online transactions. Since we’ve partnered with the 2Checkout team, we have seen significant improvements.One of the biggest challenges we were facing prior to this was regional currency support, and the 2Checkout team has helped us sort out this issue. Receiving shopping portal user experience data has been another benefit of the partnership. SysTools has additionally seen improved ROI and achievement of our business goals, by using cross-selling, up-selling, discount coupon codes, etc.," Chirag Arora, Digital Marketing Manager at SysTools.


About SysTools

SysTools is a digital forensics company that offers result-oriented support for businesses and consumers. SysTools will not only simplify your security operations and minimize risks, they will help protect your most crucial data, and effectively reduce the cost and complexity of your enterprise’s security infrastructure. SysTools is known for its products’ exceptional features and their premier expertise in data recovery and elimination of corrupted data, risk management, business compliance solutions, and email server management. Among SysTools’ recent breakthrough developments is MailXaminer, a signature email forensics software that has emerged as one of the leading global products in digital forensics.

More information on: www.systoolsgroup.com and www.mailxaminer.com.


Project: SysTools Improves Conversion and Overall Revenue with 2Checkout

Context & Objectives

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Case Study

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SysTools was struggling to improve internal efficiencies and agility related to their online sales. The main pain points were low cart conversion rates, limited out-of-the box functionality, and delays in creating new marketing campaigns, as well as scarce support for affiliate marketing. In addition, the company was working with multiple providers, which led to siloed and disintegrated reporting and additional man hours required to conduct multiple campaigns across markets.

Solution & Results

Since working with 2Checkout’s Avangate Monetization Platform, SysTools experienced an immediate improvement in digital commerce operations across multiple areas, including conversion rates, average order value, cart recovery, refund management and shopper support, affiliate channel revenues, reporting, and many others.

SysTools achieved more than 15% overall revenue uplift:

  • 17% increase in conversion rate
  • 40% increase in AOV
  • 6% increase in overall sales
  • 1% revenue recovered through cart abandonment tools
  • more than 7% additional revenue driven by the Affiliate Network


Project: SysTools Gets 7% Additional Revenue Driven by the Avangate Affiliate Network

Context & Objectives

Download full case study Download SysTools
Case Study

 Download full case study

Before working with 2Checkout, SysTools was focusing their inbound marketing efforts on PPC campaigns. One of the reasons for the switch from their previous commerce provider to 2Checkout was the Avangate Affiliate Network and management tools, which represented a promising marketing channel for the software company.

Solution & Results

Since working with 2Checkout’s Avangate Monetization Platform, SysTools also started working with 2Checkout’s affiliate management team in order to expand SysTools’ affiliate relationships and revenue and make the best use of the Avangate Affiliate Network.

  • 7%+ additional revenue driven by the Affiliate Network
  • Affiliate network sales are 35% higher than sales resulted from PPC
  • Within three months, SysTools achieved almost 50% of their yearly goal regarding affiliate partnerships

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