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What is Account Updater Service?

ac - count up - dater ser - vice
Account Updater is a generic term for programs such as Visa's Account Updater or MasterCard Automatic Billing Updater that are offered by the credit card networks to automatically update subscription customer card data when cardholder information changes or goes out of date.
How Does an Account Updater Service Work?

This service records changes to credit card account numbers and expiration dates due to mergers, portfolio flips (e.g., Visa to MasterCard), re-issued cards (from loss or security breach), account closures, and product upgrades.

Companies that participate in updater programs have several ways to check the information in their subscriber database: automated nightly updates that check any card you have processed in the past six months, requests for information on specific cards that have been declined, and requests for information on a set of cards due for their next billing installment.

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