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What is Cross-selling?

cross sell-ing
Is a sales method used to boost revenue and increase sales volume by offering the customer a related/complementary product or service in addition to the primary item.

A popular cross-selling method is to showcase a list of recommended items at the end of a product page, followed by “customers who bought this item also bought,” “you may also like,” or “frequently bought together” text options on each page. Using specific messages, customers are most likely to check out related products and maybe even buy them. These messages can be showcased on the product page as well as on the checkout page, but it’s important not to generate discomfort for the customer with poorly executed cross-selling mechanics that can distract the customer from buying the products or services and abandoning the cart altogether. To prevent cart abandonment, a cross-selling option can also be displayed on the thank-you page, without the need for the customer to re-input payment information.

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