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What is Customer Engagement?

cus - tom - er en - gage - ment
Represents the relationship between a brand and its customers that is built on trust and strengthened by efficient strategies to attract and retain customers. Providing a strong customer experience encourages customers to buy more from a brand, to provide feedback, and to share their experience with others, that can increase a merchant’s chances of obtaining potential customers and also improve loyalty to their business.

Customer engagement strategies can result in a positive customer experience and are built through the brand’s interaction with its customers through a mixture of channels and strategies. These strategies are key to keeping customers committed to the brand and help develop a valuable relationship with them. Constantly engaging with customers through marketing strategies can encourage them to make more purchases and increase their lifetime value, helping a merchant retain and boost revenue. It’s important to interact with customers, understand their needs, motivate them, build their trust, and let their voice be heard when necessary. Honesty and transparency are the key factors for creating a long-lasting relationship with customers.

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