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What is Customer Portal?

cus-tom-er portal
an online portal that works as a helpful tool for customers to access additional information regarding their interaction with a business, such as transaction history, policies, orders, account information, and many more options relevant to them. A customer portal is a self-service benefit for all clients that is a part of an online store, and, depending on the options, this portal can be accessed through the website or a mobile phone application.

Merchants can allow users to access the customer portal using a single sign-on option. This feature will require the merchant to integrate their website with specific API, to allow customers to seamlessly access the portal through the merchant’s website or application. For eCommerce businesses, a customer portal option can improve the online payment process and create a strong cash flow. The portals are available 24/7, giving customers faster access to relevant information, such as ordering history, shipping addresses, invoices, and many other resources.

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