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What is an iFrame?

i -frame
Is an HTML element, that allows you to embed different types of media on a website page. iFrames are used to display videos, documents, or even advertising messages. The iFrame is a powerful element for engaging with users while showcasing content. By using iFrame, businesses can configure their eCommerce website and redirect visitors to a hosted payment page or present that hosted payment page within an iFrame on the website.
iFrame implementation with Inline Cart

Inline Checkout acts as an iFrame that opens on your website, enabling you to receive payments without redirecting your customers to a third-party checkout. Witch 2Checkout, merchants can use Inline Checkout to receive payments from customers via a secure payment overlay on their website. Inline Checkout integrates ideally with shopping cart applications that collect customer billing and shipping information, allowing merchants to pass that information over to the cart and minimize customer efforts during the payment process.

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